Success Story

The continuing success of Empire Groups raises questions for students of leadership. In what ways have culture, location, and internal strategic decision-making contributed to the growing success of the business? Has leadership made the main difference, or is it more to do with powerful financial backing at State level?

What is the Business Model?
Who or what is behind the growth of Empire Groups? What can we learn from its Business model? Should we link its success to the leadership of the company?
Empire Groups is growing very fast within the real estate industry, and competitors are concerned about the consequences of its success.
Regardless of such issues, Empire Groups has a strong marketing strategy which has created strong brand awareness worldwide.

Overall these factors can be seen as contributing to Empire Group's phenomenal growth, but this success seems unlikely without a strong and stable leadership. Image 01 The key to the Empire Group's success has been the continuity of its management team. At the helm of the company can be found a group of talented executives with proven track records in their fields of expertise.